The Amazon Region: wildlife at its best!

Everything in the jungle is big and majestic. It is not only the largest forest in the world but also possesses the largest river and the most bio-diverse region on the planet. Here you will find everything from monkeys to sloths to caimans to the rarest bird of the Amazon: the hoacín, a bird so unique that it is only present in the jungle.

Visiting the Amazon is like visiting life. Not only for the large variety of plants and animals but because that several indigenous communities that lives within it as they did thousands of years ago.

With their own perspective of the world, traditions, culture and religion, these indigenous spots become the Jungle. A whole new universe not fully discovered

The Jungle is without doubt the ultimate fun region, there is nothing better. Rafting, bird watching, night walk, artisanal fishing, pink dolphin search, tubing on the river, canoe trip, shamanic ritual and an indigenous community is amazing. There is no more sense of nature and wilderness or greater curiosity awakening than here. There is no more green or alive spots than these, because the Jungle is definitely the natures’ greatest treasure.

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