The Andean region: A Volcanoes Paradise

The Volcanoes Avenue is definitely a climbers’ paradise. Corazon, Pasochoa, North and South Ilinizas, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Antisana and the always famous Cotopaxi volcano creates an all kind of expertise system for climbers that you can’t miss. What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself!
If your passion is trekking, the Andes also provides stunning places for this incredible activity. Treks like Río Pita (Rumiñahui-Pichincha), Reserva Yanacocha (Quito-Pichincha), Trekking del Cóndor (Cotopaxi, Pichincha y Napo), Zumbahua – Sigchos (Pujilí – Cotopaxi), Limpiopungo (Latacunga – Cotopaxi)

and the beautiful Quilotoa lake, are just some of the routes you can enjoy on this trip.

Pack your trekking shoes! This will be an awesome adventure! And even if you don’t fancy trekking and climbing you shouldn’t be worried, because the Andes region is definitely more than mountain activities. Cities like Quito and Cuenca are located here. Their Old Towns were declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO as a recognition of their history, art, culture and well-preservation. Indigenous markets and communities, delicious food, nice people and the clearest Spanish accent of the world, among other wonders, make the Andes the best welcome to Ecuador and South America.

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