Urbina (3600m) to Urkuhuasi (4100m).

Approx. walking time: 5-6 hours.

Approx. Distance: 11 km

The trek starts from a small hostel called Urbina and crosses through farmland until reaching the páramo. There are some great panoramic views of Cotopaxi on the way. Urkuhuasi is a small refuge set at an altitude of 4100m. The team will need to descend around 300m to set up a base camp. The vehicle will take rucksacks and equipment to the first campsite.

Urkuhuasi (4200m) to Micha Huasca (4200m)

Approx. walking time: 7-8 hours

Approx. distance: 15 km

Rucksacks and equipment will be taken around the mountain by road to the campsite. The trail takes in some ascents and descents throughout the day as it follows the valley between Chimborazo and Carihuairazo. There are some small streams to cross. Again, there are spectacular views of the valley. Look out for llamas, wild horses, wolves and bird life. Today the team will reach an altitude of 4900m and sleep at 4200m.

Micha Huasca (4200m) to Refugio Hermanos Carrel (4800m)

Approx. walking time: 7-8 hours

Approx distance: 16 km

The team will cross over some lava fields. There should be great views of El Altar, Sangay, Tungurahua, Cubillin and Igualata. This is a good chance to see some high mountain communities and their way of life as the team passes through small communities until you reach the entrance of the National Park. From here transport will take you to the Refuge, where you will spend the night. Today the team will reach an altitude of 4800m and sleep at 4800m.

Refugio Hermanos Carrel (4800m) to La Estrella de Chimborazo

Approx. Walking time: 5-6 hours

Approx. distance: 12 km

The highlight of this day will be going to the Wymper Refuge at 5000m. Here the team will see the glacial route to the top of the mountain. The team will then descend to La Estrella de Chimborazo and the trek will end by the road between Guaranda and Riobamba, where you can catch the bus to Riobamba.

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