Chimborazo volcano is located at 150km southwest from Ecuador’s capital city, is the highest mountain of both the country and the Andes, having an elevation of 6310m. Its summit rises 2500m above the surrounding highlands with a 20km wide base.

Reaching the top takes from 7 till 9 hours, making the descent from 2 from 3 hours, including a glacier school training session, dinner and a night at the refugee.

Climbing this altitude is very difficult so we recommend two different things. First be acclimatized at the altitude of 3000m and second one climbing twice around 5000m in the same week.

If you are clueless of where can you do this, ask for our acclimatization packages! We have great deals, without mentioning that taking the package increases the probability of reaching the top. Since Chimborazo has its own micro-climate, you must be prepared with warm clothes. We will depart in any given climate.

Physical Level: high
Technical Level: high
Maximum Elevation: 6.310 m / 20.702 ft
Minimum Elevation: 4.800 m / 15.748 ft
Terrain: Sand, rock, snow, ice, mixed

  • Pick up at 10:00am
  • Arrive & enter Chimborazo National Park followed by lunch at the refuge
  • Equipment check followed by practice on glaciers (depends on weather)
  • Dinner, sleep, wake up & begin climbing.
  • Reach summit
  • Return to refuge followed by departure to Quito.
  • Clock
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Big & Small back pack
  • Inside Polar Gloves
  • Wool Hat
  • Extra Water
  • Sun Cream
  • Extra Energy Drinks & Snacks
  • Professional Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation Quito / Chimborazo / Quito
  • Accommodation at refugee
  • Climbing equipment (polar pants & jacket, waterproof jacket & pants, plastic climbing boots, crampons, ice axe, climbing harness, gators, outside gloves)
  • Box lunch, dinner at the refugee and a snack returning from Chimborazo.
  • Entrance fee (10 USD)
  • Head Lamp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tips
  • Hydrate at least one day before this tour
  • Hydrate at least one day before this tour
  • Do not drink alcohol at least two days before
  • Bring some snacks: energy bars, chocolate and water



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