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Hamadryade Lodge is a luxurious hotel located in the High Amazon region, near Puerto Misahualli. This ecosystem, even if it is still the Amazonian Rainforest, is very different that the one in Lower regions. We are at 500mts altitude with hills and small mountains. Therefore, the climate remains pleasant all year round (24°C in average), and the absence of swamps allows an easier access to the more remote zones of Primary Rainforest, and of course the most positive consequence, is that we do not suffer from the presence of mosquitoes and Malaria

Location: Hotel located in the High Amazon region, near Puerto Misahualli.

Cabins: Bungalow Style.

In the calm surroundings of our propriety, Hamadryade introduces its 2-hour Jungle hike. You will get the chance to experience the fauna and flora of the secondary rainforest, some parts of which had never been touched or cultivated by the human hand.
The walk had been designed with the help of our licensed local guide as an alternative for those who would like to get a genuine jungle experience without necessarily making it a full-day excursion.
The path starts at the lodge and winds up for approximately an hour through natural labyrinths and wild streams to the Valle Hermoso indigenous community. After a pause you return to the lodge, inspired by the beautiful natural formations of our “back yard”. Enjoy!

River Rafting in the rainforest is one of our most entertaining activities at Hamadryade Lodge. Rivers in Ecuador are spectacular, with breathtaking sceneries, the best nature has to offer, but for the people who wish to go a step further, even beginners, people who want an additional adrenaline rush, why not trying kayaking.
Our professional team will be there to instruct you, teach you the basics you need to tackle your first waves and discover sensations never before experienced.
Beginners usually start on a class II river like the Anzu, but rivers up to class IV+ are there for more experienced paddlers.

Jatun sacha is the “big forest” in Kichwa language; a large biological reserve that has been under protection for many years. Large and small rivers slither through primary and secondary rainforest, still inhabited by many animal species, home to large flocks of birds.
The hike is approximately 13kms long, and you’ll need about 5-6 hours to complete it. It is not a very hard hike, but it is physical and will challenge your legs at the end of the day. You’ll arrive at the Santa Barbara Kichwa community where you’ll reach another track along the river or you’ll find a dugout canoe to come down on the river Arajuno if available.
If it is not easy, it is because it is real jungle; thick, muddy and soo green. If you want the real amazonian experience it will have to be through Jatun Sacha.

Walk to the beach in Misahualli and board a long canoe and start a journey down river on the Napo towards the Amazoonico Animal Rescue center. A 45min canoe ride through one of the largest amazonian river enjoying breathtaking sceneries.
Then you’ll arrive at the Amazoonico, on the Arajuno River, in the middle of the Selva Viva jungle reserve. The Amazoonico was set up to rescue and care for the Amazonian animals who escaped traffic or injuries. There you’ll see monkeys roaming free, ocelots, boas, tapirs… and many other animals.
Enjoy the trip back to Misahualli and arrive for a late lunch in the village. This activity can easily be combined with the Shiripuno community for example.

Shiripuno is a kichwa community close to Misahualli. A women’s association will receive you in this part of the community to share with you their culture and their knowledge of the kichwa life in the amazon rainforest.
From making chocolate, panning gold, see the traditional dances, to understanding the realities of the life of the kichwa people, you’ll spend a lovely day filled with interesting and nice activities.
You can spend a full day or just a half day there, enjoy a nice traditional lunch with the Maito, fish/chicken cooked in a large leaf with jungle spices. This activity can also be combined with another hard day one.

A short walk in the jungle will lead you to this amazing waterfall droping in a natural swimming pool, the perfect spot for a refreshing bath in the jungle on hot days.
Along the way you’ll enjoy the rainforest and its wonders, following a track leading to another one of these amazon wonders. Our indigenous guide will also give you a multitude of information along the way as he spots tree frogs, insects, medicinal plants.
From that nice walk and refreshing swim, we’ll take you to Misahualli for lunch in the village, enjoying the sight of monkeys playing on the main square.

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